Java For Firefox

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Thu Mar 18 12:43:22 UTC 2010

Jason Garrett writes:

>  >> At some point a rational person realizes that it is time to move on.
>  >> Progress is achieved by striving forward; not looking backwards. I fail
>  >> to see any logical reason why a fully up-to-date version of Java cannot
>  >> be included into the ports system and thereby enable the users of the
>  >> latest version of Firefox, and perhaps other programs, to benefit
>  >> from its presents.
>  >>
>  >> FreeBSD has always lagged far behind in its released versions of Java
>  >> as opposed to Sun's released versions. Since it appears that FreeBSD is
>  >> lagging behind, there is no reason to work on any of the intermediate
>  >> versions, but rather concentrate on the latest released version;
>  >> thereby benefiting its user base.
>  >>
>  >
>  > Put your money where your mouth is and provide patches.
>  What part of "I don't do much code" did you not understand?
>  This is a canned response around here and frankly should be
>  ignored if the poster has nothing else positive to add to the
>  discussion.

	While the form was rather brusque, the content was entirely
accurate and should _not_ be ignored.
	Java is one of the larger/most complex third-party products on
which other apps depend.  I am quite glad I'm not the one
responsible for updating and testing new versions.  As for actual
certification?  It's a long and expensive process; it's happened
twice, both times by the unexpected gift of one ot more corporate
sponsors (whose identity has not been disclosed, probably by
	FreeBSD is - with exceptions that can be counted on one hand -
maintained and improved by volunteers.  They work on what interests
or affects them, on their own time, sometimes spending thwir own
	Yes, there's a Java team.
	Yes, it's understaffed.  (So, by some metrics, is the entire
	No, there's no one around authorized to break out the whip and
shackles and tell them to row harder.
	Yes, they're perfectly aware they're behind the curve.  Perhaps
no one is _more_ aware, including details not obvious to others.

	So ... once the whing\\\\\ complaining is done. the OP has
	They can suffer with the /status quo/.
	They can go elsewhere.  Frankly, if they need these features
that badly, this is the correct and reasonable solution.  They'll be
missed, but the decision will be understood.
	Or they can contribute - contribute what skills they do have
(e.g. testing), contribute cycles on machines of different
architectures, even contribute the funding to pay for a full-time
coder to work on this.  (I'm guessing here; talk to java@ for the
exact list.)


				Robert Huff

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