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Thu Mar 18 10:21:53 UTC 2010

On Thu, 18 Mar 2010 09:50:03 +0200
Achilleas Mantzios <achill at> articulated:

>Στις Wednesday 17 March 2010 20:57:59 ο/η Jason Garrett έγραψε:
>> On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 09:15, Programmer In Training
>> <pit at> wrote:
>> > I don't know if I should also cc the maintainer for FF3.6, but I'm
>> > posting here. Hopefully they'll see it.
>> >
>> > When will we have an updated Java for use in Firefox 3.6? I guess I
>> > could downgrade back to 3.5 if absolutely necessary, but I'd
>> > rather not. Though I imagine an upgraded java would mean I would
>> > have to recompile OOo, too. ):

>> I am also interested. I believe that sun's java is up to Update 18
>> for 1.6. Port shows Update 3.
>> Also CC'ing freebsd-java into this. I don't do much code, but I am
>> willing to do everything I can to help out.

> I think generally this is a problem for people who have to support old
> apps with applets (i am one of them).
> But nowadays, javascript can do many of the things java was used to
> achieve. (and its not so ugly once you get to learn it)

At some point a rational person realizes that it is time to move on.
Progress is achieved by striving forward; not looking backwards. I fail
to see any logical reason why a fully up-to-date version of Java cannot
be included into the ports system and thereby enable the users of the
latest version of Firefox, and perhaps other programs, to benefit
from its presents. 

FreeBSD has always lagged far behind in its released versions of Java
as opposed to Sun's released versions. Since it appears that FreeBSD is
lagging behind, there is no reason to work on any of the intermediate
versions, but rather concentrate on the latest released version;
thereby benefiting its user base.

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