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Brian Candler <B.Candler at> wrote:

> Are there are any tools for building FreeBSD packages in a chroot
> cleanroom environment?  This is so that I can be sure that all
> dependencies are properly declared, and so that I can be sure that
> the built binaries don't accidentally link to libraries which happen
> to be available on my build system but won't be available on the
> target system (oh, the joy of autoconf)
> I found the documentation for pointyhat:
> but I'd rather not go as far as building a whole pointyhat cluster :-)
> What I'm thinking of is a utility which will:
> - create a chroot environment (easy, just untar distribution)
> - build a chosen port, pulling in dependencies as packages where
> possible, otherwise building dependencies as packages too
> - keep the built packages and distfiles locally, to speed up future
> builds
> - reset the chroot environment back to its pristine state
> - if possible run as non-root
> I use this for Linux/RPM:
> but was wondering if there is something similar for the FreeBSD ports
> world.
> My requirement is to be able to build safe binaries on a central box
> for distribution out to FreeBSD cluster nodes, so they don't have to
> be compiled separately on each node.

All that you want, and more, you can do with ports-mngmt/tinerbox.

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