[Call for Testing] X.org 7.5 for FreeBSD

George Liaskos geo.liaskos at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 12:36:24 UTC 2010

> Just finished compiling on my desktop with no issues.
> FreeBSD 8.0-STABLE amd64, KDE 4.4.1, nvidia binary driver.
> The update was smooth so i am compiling 7.5 on my laptop too, i will
> test it with both intel and radeon.
> Thank you very much for your work!
> Regards.

I am using the laptop since yesterday with radeon and no issues whatsoever.

I also tested radeon 6.12.191 and 6.12.5, .5 works fine on my setup.
With .191 i have some artifacts around the cursor with
ForceLowPowerMode, but DynamicPM and ClockGating are working fine so
i' ll be using that.

If i switch to intel i get random artifacts in KDE, i did not have
enough time to test it further but i will do that tommorow.


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