Make bsd_upektfmess working \w 8.0

Cybil Courraud d at
Tue Mar 9 17:12:09 UTC 2010

I just configured a Lenovo with 8.0-STABLE for
/usr/ports/security/bsp_upektfmess and then /usr/ports/security/pam_bsdbioapi
with some modifications:

Since libusb isn't in ports anymore, I've removed libusb line in
bsp_upektfmess's Makefile:

< LIB_DEPENDS=        bioapi100.0:${PORTSDIR}/security/bioapi
> LIB_DEPENDS=        bioapi100.0:${PORTSDIR}/security/bioapi \
>                 usb-0.1.8:${PORTSDIR}/devel/libusb

Then, at compile time, libusb wasn't found (cause statically linked), so I've
modified libmap.conf :


It works like a charm. It may help to update the port...


-- Cybil Courraud

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