editors/joe + textproc/aspell: dependency problem?

perryh at pluto.rain.com perryh at pluto.rain.com
Tue Mar 9 08:36:32 UTC 2010

Erik Trulsson <ertr1013 at tudent.uu.se!ertr1013 at agora.rdrop.com> wrote:
> If a port declares that it depends on file/library/whatever "foo"
> from the port "bar", but you have "foo" installed from the port
> "baz" then the dependency check will be fine (since it finds
> "foo") but when the dependency should be registered in the package
> database it will try to register a dependency on the package
> "bar", which is not installed, and then no dependency is
> registered.
> It might be better if a dependency was registered on the package
> that the depended-on file actually was installed from, but this is
> currently not done.

I'd call it a bug not to do it, since it leads to a vulnerability.
After the above sequence, a request to remove baz will succeed
without so much as a warning, leaving the port with the unregistered
dependency on "foo" broken.

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