lang/gcc44 Inconsistant package list. Leftover files.

jhell jhell at
Sun Mar 7 05:04:47 UTC 2010

On Sun, 21 Feb 2010 21:17, jhell@ wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Feb 2010 14:01, gerald@ wrote:
>> On Fri, 19 Feb 2010, jhell wrote:
>>> Below my .sig is what I found upon removal of the old version of gcc44
>>> 0126 before re-building 0209.
>>> Is there a chance to get this fixed ?
>>> Not sure exactly whats causing this so I did not look further into it.
>> Looking at the specific error message, it seems your installation was
>> (or is) in a very interesting state.
>> Whenever I make an update to the lang/gcc44 port or any of it's peers,
>> doing a full installation into a virgin directory followed by a dein-
>> stallation, as per the Porters' Handbook at
>> and lang/gcc44 passes this without any problems, let alone the kind of
>> problems you are seeing.  Also the FreeBSD Ports Cluster continously
>> builds this port (among all the others) and has not reported anything
>> that looks like this.
>>> From all I can tell, this is not an issue with the port.  I did try to
>> reproduce, but could not.  Still, thanks for the report, and if you can
>> provide instructions on how to reproduce, I'll of course look into it
>> again.
>> Gerald
> Thanks for the confirmation that this arises on my end :( darn.
> All I can think of ATM moment to locate files that this is happening with is 
> the find command that I stated earlier. Something like find /usr/local/ -type 
> f -name \*\$\*, from csh of course. But as to where this is happening or how 
> its happening on my two systems must be residing in a upgrade from an old 
> ports collection to a more recent update. Ill grab a fresh new copy of the 
> ports tree and see if this resolves the issue and report back with any new 
> things I find or a final resolve.
> Thanks Gerald.

Just a quick update on this:

I still have not resolved the issue or found any leading cause after 
scrubbing my ports tree completely and grabbing a new copy. Also scrubbed 
my src.conf make.conf and make.conf.local and ran with and without a jail 
and can still get those files.

Seeing that this is i386 and it is compiling gcj by default I could set
WITHOUT_JAVA to clear it up.

Not that I really need to have gcj  and there are probably other better 
compilers for this I like to have it around for a Just-In-Case since I am 
already installing the port.

As this seems to be a problem local to only the java portion of gcc44 the 
files mentioned in a previous message to the list will not be seen on 
anything other than FreeBSD/i386 ~ >= 7.0

So in a final word.  If anyone has any pointers as to what might be 
causing this or other information that I could share it would be greatly 
appreciated if it leads to getting closer to tracking this down,

For further unrelated to this port information:
I also have files installed by libxul and diablo-jdk1.6.0 that also have 
the ($) in the file name.




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