ports broken by latest commits : audio/tuxguitar and editors/openoffice.org-3-devel

Olivier Smedts olivier at gid0.org
Mon Mar 1 20:03:07 UTC 2010


The ports tree is frozen but some recent commits broke two ports.

An easy one :
editors/openoffice.org-3-devel/Makefile is broken because of spaces
instead of a tab on line 209. You can test when WITH_KDE4 is defined.
Patch attached.

The other is the upgrade of audio/tuxguitar, which is not really
"feature safe". A line "cd ${WRKSRC}/../TuxGuitar-jack/jni &&
${GMAKE}" has been added to the Makefile, which makes the build break
when jack is not installed (jack includes required). I removed the
line and the port is now ok for me. I think a jack dependency should
be made optional. Sorry for the lack of details and patch.


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--- editors/openoffice.org-3-devel/Makefile.orig	2010-03-01 20:49:54.737249012 +0100
+++ editors/openoffice.org-3-devel/Makefile	2010-03-01 20:50:23.248248675 +0100
@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@
 #Workaround for gperf. #i85469#
 	@${LN} -sf ${LOCALBASE}/bin/gperf ${WRKSRC}/solenv/bin/gperf
 .if defined(WITH_KDE4)
-       @${LN} -sf ${LOCALBASE}/bin/moc-qt4 ${WRKSRC}/solenv/bin/moc
+	@${LN} -sf ${LOCALBASE}/bin/moc-qt4 ${WRKSRC}/solenv/bin/moc

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