Some problems about www/cherokee

wen heping wenheping at
Wed Jun 30 02:19:57 UTC 2010

Hi, all:

   I found some problems in www/cherokee.

   First, after I installed cherokee and run it, I get the run error message:

  fb9# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/cherokee onestart
  Starting cherokee.
  fb9# [30/06/2010 10:15:09.788] (error) logger_writer.c:296 - Could
not open '/var/log/cherokee.error' for appending

   The second is if we build cherokee with ipv6-enabled(default) we
could not start cherokee corectly in ipv4 cases.

   I am working on the first problem, as the second problem, I suggest
make ipv6-disnable as default.

  Any comments ?

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