[Medical package] - Presentation of FreeDiams: Free prescriber

Eric MAEKER eric.maeker at free.fr
Tue Jun 29 09:10:00 UTC 2010

Hi all,

FreeDiams is a free, open source, BSD revised licenced app. It is part  
of the FreeMedForms project. Since version 0.4.0, FreeDiams has a  
great number of good features. Three drugs databases are available :  
French, Canada, USA.

You can find some descriptions here:


And the user's manual here:


FreeDiams is actually available for MacOs, Linux and Win32. It is  
supported by the debian-med group and OpenSuse.

A source package of the v0.4.0 will be soon available in the google  
code pages :


You can already download the sources from the SVN hosted in the google  
code site.

We are looking for sponsors, packagers, devs, drugs databases  
creators, translators... Code is Qt/C++, DB are SQLite.

If you are interessed by this project, please feel free to present  
yourself to the FreeMedForms community on its mailing list : freemedforms at googlegroups.com

By advance, thanks for your help.
Eric Maeker, MD, France

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