Call for testers: www/shellinabox (Shell in a Box)

Olivier Cochard-Labbé olivier at
Mon Jun 28 11:37:06 UTC 2010

2010/6/28 Vitaly Magerya <vmagerya at>:

> So what I propose is this:
> 1. Create "shellinabox" user and group (via USERS and GROUPS).
> 2. Update rc script to start shellinaboxd with that user and group.
> 3. Make the certificate directory 700, owned by shellinabox:shellinabox.

Thanks for your tips, I've updated the port, here how to proceed now:

cd /usr/port/www
tar zxvf shellinabox.tgz
cd shellinabox
patch ../../UIDs UIDs.diff
patch ../../GIDs GIDs.diff
make install clean
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/shellinaboxd onestart

For information:
MD5 (shellinabox.tgz) = c553fd6b05d0b136cbef95f8cb808072
I've used the UID/GID 139 that seem available.

> 4. Move the certificate directory to /var/shellinabox or similar
>   (what's our conventional location for this kind of files?).
> I'm not sure on the 4 though. Any thoughts?

I let the certificate in /usr/local/etc/shellinabox (on my nanoBSD,
/var is a volatile RAM disk).



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