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Wed Jun 23 14:46:16 UTC 2010

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On 06/23/10 14:40, Wesley Shields wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 02:16:07PM +0200, David DEMELIER wrote:
>> Hi freebsd-ports@,
>> I would like to propose you something that I would like to be done.
>> It's a cosmetic, useless thing but I like when things are made
>> homogeneously. That is the problem : as you can see, sometimes port
>> tells a message to the user but some maintainers used delimiters to
>> begin/end the message such as a lot of "***" or "===" or blank spaces.
>> If you already did use NetBSD pkgsrc, you can see that *every* MESSAGE
>> is composed like this :
>> ===========================================================================
>> $NetBSD: MESSAGE,v 2008/10/20 09:28:51 wiz Exp $
>> Note you need audio/audacious-plugins to actually play music.
>> ===========================================================================
>> I would do something like this to the FreeBSD ports, if you agree with
>> me I can check every messages and modify them. I can also put
>> something in the FreeBSD porter's handbook to write a "pkg-message
>> template"
>> I know that there is much more important work to do, that's why I can
>> take all this work for myself.
> I think a better solution is to do what portmaster does and display all
> the pkg-message files as one of the last things it does. I had a patch
> to do this sitting in portmgr@ queue but it needs more work.
> A combination of some standardization of pkg-message files and
> displaying them all at the end of a build would be best.
Yes thats definitely a needed feature.

I think we need 2 things:

1) All pkg-message whether .in or not go
   through the 'sed' that SUB_LIST/PLIST_SUB do.
2) You collect them in to /var/db/pkg and loop
   and display at end.

As a consequence all formatting should be removed from the individual
pkg-message[.in] files and added in #2.

Ideally I'd say we should just slowly switch everything to
FILESDIR/pkg-message[.in] but portmgr@ already veto'd that before so
I'll drop that idea.

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