[INFO] Current nvidia-driver 195.36.15

Alexey Serebryakoff overlapped at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 06:26:20 UTC 2010

Hi guys!

A couple weeks ago I was updated KDE to 4.4. But there I had not noticed, x11 
and drivers were are updated too (portupgrade -aR). ;-) Okay, KDE was loaded 
and works okay! But! About 3-5 mins machine begins rebooted or halted 
unexpectedly. Hmm... I had spent some days to search what's the problem.
I have P4 with Nvidia GeForce7600 card and current x11/nvidia-driver 195.36.15 
does not work correctly. I reinstalled with old legacy driver 173.14.25 from 
ports and now all works are okay! ;-)

Best regards,
Alexey Serebryakoff
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