portcheckout issue, apache 2.2.15_4 not _9

Jason jhelfman at e-e.com
Wed Jun 16 22:39:20 UTC 2010


I have a csup'd the ports tree, and I wanted to selectively update apache22 
port by using ports-mgmt/portcheckout.

I have cvsup-mirror installed to do this, however it appears that
portcheckout did not checkout the correct version.

If I do a clean checkout from the cvs mirror on my machine, it has apache22
at port version 2.2.15 with portrevision 9, however if I use portcheckout
(it uses cvs co -P), it checks out 2.2.15 with portrevision 4, and it checks
out Mk/bsd.apache.mk (rev 1.21).

Any thoughts on the discrepancy? Are the cvs flags correct?


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