[kde-freebsd] qt4-moc link failure

Alberto Villa avilla at freebsd.org
Wed Jun 16 09:11:14 UTC 2010

On Sunday 13 June 2010 22:06:06 Doug Barton wrote:
> On 06/13/10 07:30, Andriy Gapon wrote:
> > on 13/06/2010 16:36 Max Brazhnikov said the following:
> >> qmake is designed to use special mkspecs for compilers. The 
> >> solution now is to create qmake mkspecs files for each 
> >> Then switching between different compilers can be done via
> >> QMAKESPEC environment.
> > 
> > Right.  OTOH, CC and CXX variables somehow get honored 
> > altering any spec file.  So, the question remains if it's possible to
> > derive LINK* values from those in the same fashion as well.
> Right, we really need to make this transparent to the user. The 
> requirement in ports is that they respect CC.

ok, i think i'll fix this, also thanks to a contribution from clang folks
unfortunately, it really means adding more qmake.conf's, but after all 
there aren't so many compilers

and, of course, it will respect CC
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