graphics/png fails on FreeBSD 8.1-beta1/powerpc - is xz broken on this platform?

Torfinn Ingolfsen tingox at
Sun Jun 13 21:50:13 UTC 2010

I am trying to install the graphics/png port on my PowerMac G4, which runs
root at kg-g4# uname -a
FreeBSD 8.1-BETA1 FreeBSD 8.1-BETA1 #0: Fri May 28 04:38:56 UTC
2010     root at  powerpc
root at kg-g4# cd /usr/ports/graphics/png
root at kg-g4# make clean
===>  Cleaning for png-1.4.1_1
root at kg-g4# make
===>  Vulnerability check disabled, database not found
===>  License check disabled, port has not defined LICENSE
===>  Found saved configuration for png-1.4.1_1
===>  Extracting for png-1.4.1_1
=> MD5 Checksum OK for libpng-1.4.1.tar.xz.
=> SHA256 Checksum OK for libpng-1.4.1.tar.xz.
/usr/bin/xz: /usr/ports/distfiles//libpng-1.4.1.tar.xz: Compressed data is
===>  Patching for png-1.4.1_1
===>  Applying FreeBSD patches for png-1.4.1_1
patch: **** can't cd to /usr/ports/graphics/png/work/libpng-1.4.1: No such
file or directory
=> Patch patch-ac failed to apply cleanly.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/graphics/png.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/graphics/png.
root at kg-g4# which xz
root at kg-g4# pkg_info -W xz
root at kg-g4# xz --version
xz (XZ Utils) 4.999.9beta
liblzma 4.999.9beta

When I try to do this on my amd64 workstation it works without problem.
The difference is that it runs 8.0-stable:
root at kg-v2# uname -a
FreeBSD 8.0-STABLE FreeBSD 8.0-STABLE #2: Sun Apr 11 19:39:02
CEST 2010     root at  amd64
and that xz is installed from a port:
root at kg-v2# which xz
root at kg-v2# pkg_info -W xz
/usr/local/bin/xz was installed by package xz-4.999.9_1
root at kg-v2# xz --version
xz (XZ Utils) 4.999.9beta
liblzma 4.999.9beta

What else could be wrong?
Update: I installed xz from the port (edited IGNORE out of the Makefile),
renamed /usr/bin/xz, and now then png port install sucessfully.

Torfinn Ingolfsen

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