installing java in freebsd 8

joag at joag at
Wed Jun 9 00:24:06 UTC 2010
   [1]   in/download?
   Use the one matching your architecture, by the wa   if you want but I did the installation with jdk, after yo   diablo installed you can install the native java port, you'll run in   to problems if you try to install with old ports so first you need to
   run p   olport-port2 o   use the default answe   be waiting for the computer    after this you can update the ports tre   and run the same commands until you're sure yo   and after this process you'll be able to install the n   port with no problems, this process might take a whole day depen   on your hardware but is worth it.

   You can wor   less time spent in
   you'll also need to place this files
   and you can find it here

   If not mistaking I remember another file needed but during the inst   allation the error will give you the link to download that file.
      I hope this can help you better.
   __   joag


   1. file://localhost/tmp/3D   2. 3D""

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