Manually registering dependencies for ports

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Mon Jun 7 00:56:05 UTC 2010

Doug Barton wrote:
> On 06/06/10 17:41, Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
>> Well, in my mind, when I sent the message, I was somewhat sure it would
>> work, at least that it would pass some kind of quick test.
> In other words, you guessed, and your guess was wrong.

I did guess, and it seems that I was wrong.  This completely surprised 
me.  My apologies.  You are right and I was wrong.

> FWIW, I had the same thought in mind when I got ready to reply to the
> OP, but when I tested it, I found out that it didn't work, which is why
> I posted what I did.
>> Furthermore, I really don't see the harm in sending out suggestions
> I explained that. If you don't agree with my explanation, and/or you
> feel that your time is so much more valuable than all of the other
> thousands of people on the list that you can't be bothered to test your
> "suggestions" before you send them out, so be it.
> Doug

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