Manually registering dependencies for ports

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Mon Jun 7 00:41:34 UTC 2010

Doug Barton wrote:
> On 06/06/10 17:16, Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
>> When you install a script - let's call it xxx - that depends upon port
>> yyy, you could do something like
>> echo xxx>>  /var/db/pkg/yyy/+REQUIRED_BY
>> I think this would work.
> Please don't guess about stuff like this. If you're not _sure_ something
> will work spend 5 minutes of your time testing it first so that everyone
> who reads your message doesn't have to spend their time finding out
> you're wrong, then posting about it.
> Sorry to be so direct, but there are thousands of people subscribed to
> this list, and posts with incorrect information waste a
> disproportionately large amount of people's valuable time.
> Doug

Well, in my mind, when I sent the message, I was somewhat sure it would 
work, at least that it would pass some kind of quick test.

What I am not sure is whether it would introduce some weird side effect, 
and after an excess of installing and uninstalling other ports, that it 
might mysteriously disappear or otherwise corrupt the system.  I don't 
think this could be detected by a quick test, but rather by someone who 
has some deep knowledge about how the whole ports system works.

Furthermore, I really don't see the harm in sending out suggestions, if 
I make it absolutely clear that it is just that - a suggestion.  Only 
one person needs to try it out, and that it Thomas.  Anyone else is, of 
course, free to try it out, but that is their choice, not mine.

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