Issues with PORTSNAP(8)

Rene Ladan r.c.ladan at
Sun Jun 6 19:45:59 UTC 2010

On 04-06-2010 21:29, Israel Jacques wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I'm a bit confused as to why I am having this issue. Regardless of
> what I've searched for has suggested for me to do, I still cannot
> update my ports tree.
> Running the following causes issues (as root):
> # portsnap fetch extract
> portsnap: Invalid key fingerprint:
> 9b5feee6d69f170e3dd0a2c8e469ddbd64f13f978f2f3aede40c98633216c330
> I've tried to check for an updated portsnap.conf file and the KEYPRINT
> value is the same.
> I've deleted all the contents within /var/db/portsnap.
> Is there anything else that I can do?
Not that I know of, except reporting which mirror portsnap uses.

About an hour ago I noticed that was a few days
behind (June 5th IIRC). Another mirror worked fine though.


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