Ccache warning

b. f. bf1783 at
Sun Jun 6 01:34:42 UTC 2010

>On 06/04/10 22:24, Denny Lin wrote:
>> Hi, I saw this warning about devel/ccache a while ago:
>> Any time you change CC/CXX you need to reinstall devel/libtool15 or you
>> will run in to problems.
>> This was added a long time ago, so I'm wondering if this is still
>> necessary (should be devel/libtool22 now).
>If that's true it should be added to
>Can anyone comment authoritatively?

If you look at the output of 'libtool --config', you will see that
libtool sets default values for the compiler, toolchain, various
flags, and library search directories, that can change depending upon
what compiler and tool-chain are used to build libtool.  Depending
upon how libtool is called, it may fall back upon default values, or
override some of them.  Since not all ports call libtool in a clean
and uniform way, it may be better to have a different copy of libtool
for each compiler and tool-chain that you intend to use, that has been
configured and built with that compiler and tool-chain, and then to
use that version of libtool for ports built with that compiler and
tool-chain, by altering the definition of some of the libtool-related
variables in ports/Mk/ to depend conditionally upon

This is one of the components of the port system that is ill-suited in
it's current configuration for using different compilers and
toolchains.  There are others: qmake4, cmake, etc. -- unfortunately, a
lot of ports depend upon these.


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