FreeBSD Port: squeezeboxserver-7.5.0_1

Mark mark at
Sat Jun 5 21:11:02 UTC 2010

I've been using this port for some years to power my Squeezebox devices 
- thanks for keeping it up to date.

However, the latest update has killed my installation totally - first it 
would not scan my music, and after upgrading perl & perl module ports I 
can no longer start the squeezebox server at all:

odin# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/squeezeboxserver start
Starting squeezeboxserver.
The following modules failed to load: YAML::Syck



Please use the script located here:

If 7.5 is outdated by the time you read this, Replace "7.5" with the 
major version
of Squeezebox Server you are running.



I'm running the latest 5.8 perl from the ports, and seem to be able to 
load modules from the command line:

odin# perl
use YAML::Syck

Any idea how I should investigate this?  I've tried downloading various 
versions of the server from, but to no avail.  It either 
won't run at all, or won't scan any music with DBI:: errors.  I did 
notice the port is not downloading the FreeBSD-specific tarball from 
slimdevices (it uses the NOCPAN one).

I appreciate you're not a helpdesk, but I'm not sure where else to go 
with this - none of the slimdevices forums seem to have much FreeBSD 
stuff on them.  If there's a list that might help, I'd be grateful if 
you could point me to it.


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