pkg_create: read_plist: unknown command

Michael Patrick michael at
Wed Jun 2 01:24:28 UTC 2010

Good evening folks

This weekend a friend and I upgraded our server to FreeBSD 7.3 using a source upgrade.  The building and installing seemed to go well.  In general rebuilding of ports to use the new libraries is working with the exception of PHP 5.3.2 extensions.

If we do, for example, portinstall php5-ftp (but not limited to just this extension) the extension DOES install but during the make step where it creates the /var/db/pkg entries it errors with 

pkg_create: read_plist: unknown command

We've rebuilt ruby, the portupgrade tools, PHP itself, PHP's dependencies and still getting this error for the extensions.  From +CONTENTS I headed to looking at the .PLIST.mktmp file in $port/work. I see what I'm pretty sure is Bash (the shell) as the first part of the file and then what would be expected in the file.

The .PLIST.mktmp file generates during the 'make generate-plist' step but I've been unable to determine exactly what that step is doing when dealing with a php extension.  I'm hoping someone here can point me toward what runs to generate that file for a php extension.


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