[SDL-1.2.14] Build fails on the libvlg checking

David Marec david.marec at davenulle.org
Sun Jan 31 18:02:36 UTC 2010

Le dimanche 31 janvier 2010 17:40:22, Marcus von Appen a écrit :

> > > If so, please remove them or run make config and disable the VGL knob
> > > (or add 'WITHOUT_VGL=true' to the make invocation).
> >
> > That s what i did.
> And it still does not work for you?

Sorry, i missed to precise that the build was successful with VGL disabled.

> > But, if, for example, svgalib is tagged "i386 only", svgl is not.
> If I manually link libvgl.* from /usr/lib32 to /usr/lib and rebuild SDL
> with VGL enabled, anything links properly. I am not sure, what's wrong
> on your side. 

I don't actually know why  libvgl* are located in /usr/lib instead of 
/usr/lib32, on my side.

> > btw, should i remove these libs ?

I mean, move them to the right place.

> I do not recommend to do that manually. Which shared library versions of
> libvgl are installed (output of find /usr/lib -name "*vgl*") on your
> side?

david:~>find /usr/lib -name "*vgl*"

> Did you ever run make delete-old or make delete-old-libs after updating
> the system?

I have just ran these libs deletion tools and the VGL option has disapeared 
from the SDL12 knob.

btw, i don't really need libvgl  at this time.


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