Need help with new port math/ggobi

Eitan Adler eitanadlerlist at
Thu Jan 28 19:31:18 UTC 2010

> 1. The port needs libraries gtk2 and libxml2.
>   Is it ok how the port ensures they are installed?
Ports has a predefined method of doing this: USE_GNOME= gtk20 libxml2

> 3. ggobi authors suggest to create /etc/xdg/ggobi/ for resource file.
>   A better place would be /usr/local/etc/xdg/ggobi/, I think.
>   What do you think? How could this be coded in the port?
Most programs I've seen are PREFIX safe. It is almost always better to use
$PREFIX. The only exception I've ever seen is something like perl which many
broken programs use.

> 5. When deinstalling, should we try to remove dirs share/applications
>   and etc/xdg? (Mostly they are used by other ports, too)
There is a feature "@dirrmtry" which will only remove the directory if no
one is using it

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