[RFC] PHP 5.3

Olivier Mueller om-lists-bsd at omx.ch
Tue Jan 26 15:53:10 UTC 2010

Hi Alex,

On Wed, 2010-01-20 at 15:05 +0100, Alex Dupre wrote:
> Alex Dupre ha scritto:
> > the long awaited update to PHP 5.3 is ready! Here is the patchset to try
> >  before I'll commit it in the next week: http://www.alexdupre.com/php53.diff
> Patch updated. This should be the final patch. I'm going to commit it
> when PHP 5.3.2 will be released.

Thanks for your great work!   

Just a question: once you will have updated the ports tree, what do you
suggest as procedure for users "stuck" with php 5.2 and still willing to
keep their systems up to date ?  Like some people, I will need to keep
php 5.2.x on a few production servers because the applications are not
yet compatible with 5.3.x, and they won't be for at least 6-12 months
(sorry, I am just the sysadmin, not the developer/buyer of these apps). 

I guess we will have to use portdowngrade and/or add php to the
HOLD_PKGS part of  /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf for some time ? 

Or are there any plan for a lang/php52 branch as suggested by somebody
on the list, for example as long it is supported by the php.net devs?
I know it is a complex thing: if you do not have time/interest to handle
it, maybe somebody else could do it?  I would be happy to help if
possible...  Or if it is a money issue, I am sure my company (+ some
others) could finance some part of the work over donations, bounties,

Thanks in advance for your feedback & kind regards,

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