FreeBSD Port: portmaster-2.17 (on console)

Richard (Rick) Seay rick.seay at
Mon Jan 25 18:41:57 UTC 2010

Hi Doug,

First let me thank you for portmaster. It's a wonderful tool for 
managing ports.

Today I updated to version 2.17.  I usually update my ports from the 
system console.  With the new version I get beeps and messages beginning 
with "0;".

I made the following change to a local copy of the script to get around 
the problem.  It works for me, but you probably have a more general 

term_printf () {
     case $TERM in
     cons25) ;;
     *) printf "\033]0;${0##*/}: ${PM_PARENT_PORT}${1}\007" ;;

Thanks again!

Rick Seay

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