HEADS UP: <utmp.h> gone. All welcome <utmpx.h>.

Dirk Meyer dirk.meyer at dinoex.sub.org
Fri Jan 22 21:20:19 UTC 2010

Hallo Ed Schouten,



$ man utmp
does not mention that this interafce is deprectaed (see 11.4)

2. there is now new manpage?
$ man -k utmp
login(3)                 - log a new login record to the utmp and wtmp files
logout(3)                - remove an entry from the utmp file
utempter_add_record(3), utempter_remove_added_record(3), utempter_remove_record(3), addToUtmp(3), removeFromUtmp(3), removeLineFromUtmp(3) - utempter compatibility interface
utmp(5), wtmp(5), lastlog(5) - login records
wtmpcvt(1)               - convert wtmp files to the utmpx format

2. radiusd-cistron


Has support for sysv utmpx,
but this differs with the freebsd implementaion.

3. vsftpd


this needs updwtmpx which is not avialible.
this seemms to differ from other implementations.

4. freebsd-uucp


use of UT_NAMELEN can be fixed.

What is the replacement of "_PATH_LASTLOG" ?

What is the replacement of "logwtmp()" ?

5. hylafax


... configure use of <utmpx.h> (extended utmp interface)
but fails.

Even forcing it to use the SysV interface fails:
GettySysV.c++: In member function 'void SysVGetty::writeWtmp(utmpx*)':
GettySysV.c++:177: error: '_PATH_WTMPX' was not declared in this scope
GettySysV.c++:177: error: 'updwtmpx' was not declared in this scope
GettySysV.c++: In member function 'void SysVGetty::loginAccount()':
GettySysV.c++:200: error: 'struct utmpx' has no member named 'ut_xtime'
GettySysV.c++: In member function 'virtual void SysVGetty::hangup()':
GettySysV.c++:243: error: 'struct utmpx' has no member named 'ut_xtime'
*** Error code 1

6. manpage

$ man getutxent

Please proivide some example here.

It looks like there is a lot of new code needed for porting.

kind regards Dirk

- Dirk Meyer, Im Grund 4, 34317 Habichtswald, Germany
- [dirk.meyer at dinoex.sub.org],[dirk.meyer at guug.de],[dinoex at FreeBSD.org]

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