Using Perl 5.8.8

rihad rihad at
Thu Jan 21 18:02:54 UTC 2010

Matthew Seaman wrote:
> rihad wrote:
>> Hi, one of the programs I'm using (freeradius' rlm_perl) segfaults 
>> with both Perl 5.8.9 and 5.10, only working with 5.8.8. How can I 
>> cleanly install Perl 5.8.8 on a fresh system, without mangling the 
>> port Makefile? I've tried putting both USE_PERL=5.8.8 and 
>> PERL_VERSION=5.8.8 in /etc/make.conf, but "make fetch" still tries to 
>> fetch version 5.8.9.
> portdowngrade is what you'ld have to use.  However, perl-5.8.8 has known
> security vulnerabilities:
> Would definitely be better to get your program to work with a current
> version of perl.
Thanks for pointing this out. However, portdowngrade doesn't help me much:

# portdowngrade -s:pserver:anoncvs at 

portdowngrade 0.6 by Heiner Eichmann
Please note, that nothing is changed in the ports tree
unless it is explicitly permitted in step 6!

Seeking port lang/perl5.8 ... not found

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