How to upgrade perl 5.8 to 5.10?

Michal Varga varga.michal at
Wed Jan 20 19:03:34 UTC 2010

>>> Well, it's a dedicated blade after all :) And those 8 cores seem
>>> pretty nasty, I'm envious.
>> Well, afaik I even cannot use more than one CPU when building ports.
>> There were plans/rumors that this would change. Does anyone know more
>> about it?
Sure you can, as Boris (below) linked, this happened long time ago, especially:

"You don't need to do anything to enable the new feature. Whitelisted
ports will automatically make use of all processors available in your

Most large ports I have seen (and use) luckily take advantage of all
available processors during build (which completely sucks for desktop
systems, but then, you normally shouldn't do that on a station where
you try to work, so I'm fine with that). There's no way you'd be able
to build 450 ports in 45 minutes if you were using only one CPU/core.

> It has happened:
> I believe *dependencies* of a port will be compiled using one process (and
> thus CPU) at a time, however.
Interesting, are you sure this really happens? At least I understand
you mean that - let's say - when i choose to compile, i.e. www/webkit
directly, it will use all available processors (which it does, all the
time), but when I try to compile, say, www/epiphany, which pulls
www/webkit as a dependency, it will get built without MAKE_JOBS_SAFE,
locked to a single processor? I can test in a short while if that's
really the way, just asking, if I got you right..


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