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Francisco de Borja López Río borja at
Wed Jan 20 16:40:26 UTC 2010

Hi ppl

There is already a port of openerp-server in the ports tree. I've been
working with OpenERP a lot for the last few months, setting up
development and production servers that run both the server side of
openerp and the web client side so I've created a port of the web
client interface. It would be very useful to be able to install both
the server and the web interface from ports.

I've tried to contact the maintainer of the openerp-server port, but
I've no reply, I've tried to add a PR using the web interface to
send-pr but it didn't allow me to add the .shar file (as it is bigger
than 100Kb) and it didn't allow me to add a gzip file either.

I also tried to send the pr using send-pr in my 7-0.STABLE workstation
but it was rejected because of the headers (sent from my workstation
instead of my email server).

So, finally, I decided to send it here to the list. This is my first
port submission, so any help on how to proceed from now on (on how to
send the pr with the port and how to perform updates to this port and
add posible new ports) will be great (and yes, I read the porters

This port was tested in 7.0-STABLE, 7-STABLE, 8-RELEASE and 8-STABLE

Attached to this mail is a gzipped shar file containing the port.

Best regards.


"Do nothing which is of no use." - Miyamoto Musashi
Francisco de Borja Lopez Rio (borja at
Pexego Sistemas Informaticos S.L.

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