FreeBSD Port: ocsinventory-ng-1.02.1

Marcelo araujobsdport at
Wed Jan 20 14:28:11 UTC 2010

Hi dear Raynaud,

Now, I'm back from a business trip and my vacation, currently I've some time
to spend on FreeBSD Ports and I've a plan to do some changes on
ocsinventory-bg as well. Thanks to contact me and of course you don't boring
me. Thanks to suggestion this change and I'll work on it still in this week.

I'll keep in touch with you.

Best Regards,
- Araujo

2010/1/20 Miroslav Lachman <000.fbsd at>

> Raynaud Alexandre wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Actually i would like to use the port you maintain on a freebsd box (8.0)
>> already installed with apache22 and mysql55-server.
>> I have tried to install ocsinventory-bg-1.02.1 but that's is not possible
>> because of dependencies (
>> Have you planned to update the ocsinventory-bg-1.02.1 for using mysql>5.0
>> and apache22? If not, is there a way for me to install
>> ocsinventory-bg-1.02.1port considering my system already run apache22 and
>> mysql55-server? Some contributor to ocsinventory told me about changing the
>> makefile ocsinventory freebsd port..........
> I am not using ocsinventory-ng, I just look in to Makefile and it seems
> fine.
> Have you fresh ports tree? (cvsuped or portsnap fetch update)
> What if you put this in to /etc/make.conf:
> APACHE_PORT="www/apache22"
> Miroslav Lachman

Marcelo Araujo
araujo at

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