postfix-2.6.5 on freebsd 8.0-release

Lucas Reddinger jlr at
Mon Jan 18 22:42:00 UTC 2010


Upon the installation (``pkg_add -r'') of postfix, I was asked, as
usual, to disable some daily routines.

> And you can disable some sendmail specific daily maintenance routines in your
> /etc/periodic.conf file:
> daily_clean_hoststat_enable="NO"
> daily_status_mail_rejects_enable="NO"
> daily_status_include_submit_mailq="NO"
> daily_submit_queuerun="NO"

However, on Freebsd 8.0 release, ``/etc/periodic.conf'' does not
exist. I believe that the contents of ``/etc/periodic/daily'' are
relevant here.

What is the preferred method of performing these actions now?

Thank you for your time.

Lucas Reddinger

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