8-STABLE: gmirror segfaulting

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Fri Jan 15 15:33:54 UTC 2010


sorry for the long story following but I think this is important to get
the picture ;)

I had the following setup:

2 harddisks ada0, ada1 mirrored with gmirror as gm0
1 2.7TB twa-RAID as da0

the da0p1 partition had a gjournal on gm0s1fh
the gm0s1f partition had a gjournal on gm0s1fg

I tried to label (tunefs -L) da0p1.journal as "files" and gm0s1f.journal
as "usr" but the label was everytime gone after a reboot for whatever

Later I also felt mad about the massive bad write performance on my

Finally I decided to remove the journaling today to get my performance
back ;)

This is where the problems have started.....

I was not able to remove the journaling wile the mirror was still intact
because it always tried to resolve my previous given "usr" label which
existed on the disks ada0+ada1 below gm0 but never where mapped to the
front (gm0s1f.journal) again somehow. That always failed.

So I did gmirror remove ada0+ada1 until gm0 was gone and I had back ada0
and ada1 as single disks. I then rebooted into single user again and did
gjournal stop for all three journals (breaking gmirror created 2 journals
on both RAID-1 hdds of course for ada0s1f and ada1s1f) and then did a
gjournal clear. That clear failed on da0p1 (maybe because the gm0s1h
journal also devided into ada0s1h and ada1s1h - who knows) so I again
rebootet but then having my system waiting forever "root mount waiting
for: GJOURNAL". I felt a bit pissed off I must admit because at first I
thought that I've dumped my system :(

Fortunally I had gjournal loaded as kernel module only so I rebooted once
more and just loaded the kernel w/o every module. I then was able to make
gjournal clear da0p1 while the gjournal module was not loaded.

Now the journals on all harddisks where gone. I also did a tunefs -J

I now wanted to recreate my gmirror with

sysctl kern.geom.debugflags=17
gmirror label -vb round-robin gm0 ada0

This creates a massive printout of debug messages on my console and
finally ended up with "gmirror: Segmentation fault". Then I'm left with a
system responding to every command with "Device not configure" So all I
had left was power-cycling the system.

This is repeatable.... I really want my gmirror back. Any advice?

 Oliver Lehmann

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