security/openssl BROKEN, DEPRECATED, and EXPIRED?

Trix Farrar trix at
Wed Jan 13 11:27:17 UTC 2010

What happened?  I haven't been able to find any discussion about this
on either freebsd-ports, freebsd-ports-bugs, or freebsd-security.
There doesn't seem to be a PR, either.

Am I just being overly sensitive or does this present a POLA problem?
My ports tree is up to date, but OpenSSL can't be upgraded, and
neither can anything that depends on it.  

If a port is going to be deprecated, isn't it common to recommend a
replacement?  If 0.9.8l_1 is so horribly broken, would it have been
better to drop back to the 'last known good' version? I haven't had a
problem with 0.9.8l, that I know of.

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