mplayer-devel with vdpau support for testing

Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at
Tue Jan 12 18:08:30 UTC 2010

* Thomas Zander (thomas.e.zander at wrote:

> > Here's mplayer-devel port for testing.
> If you check out my mail from Jan 10th to the ports mailing list you
> see that we are currently testing a newer mplayer port which hopefully
> gets to a state where it can be committed to the ports tree in a not
> too distant future.
> It currently does lack vdpau, but it will be in the next revision of
> this test port I intend to have ready by the weekend.

Oh, pointyhat to me for not reading freebsd-ports at . Sorry for the noise
then, still feel free to take improvements you may find useful.

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