Webmin and the installation

Ronald RiemVis r.riemvis at dutondata.nl
Sun Jan 10 11:21:31 UTC 2010

Dear reader,

Sending a email to olgeni at FreeBSD.org did not work.
The maintainer is not to reach.
Please contact him and give him below information

I did a fresh installation from Freebsd 8 with as first a installation 
of the webmin 1.490 from the ports selection.
During running from the setup.sh file I get 2 time the announcement that 
a permission is denied.
Searching on Internet learns me that maybe has something todo with pearl.
Can you tell me if the webmin-1.500 ports installation will have not 
this problem?
And if the problem still exist what can I do do make the installation 
good working?

With warmest regards,

Ronald RiemVis

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