[www/sams] #make package doesn't stick an empty dir.

Yuriy Grishin grishin-mailing-lists at minselhoz.samara.ru
Sun Jan 10 13:15:49 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Right after the installation process there is a backup directory (that 
is empty yet) relevant to the prefix.
After typing

#make package

there is a .tbz appears.
I don't know the reason but there is no backup directory in it.
On the other hand, pkg-plist does include backup, so if I try to

#make deinstall

it can't find the directory and stops (couldn't find a ...../backup. 
Incorrectly specified huh?)
The strange thing is that if you type
#cd /usr/ports/www/sams && make install clean
#pkg_delete sams-1.0.5,1

there are no warnings!
How to fix this?
Can I skip the warning and go ahead submitting the upgrade?

Thank you.
Yuriy Grishin.

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