Call for testers - mplayer svn port

Thomas Zander thomas.e.zander at
Thu Jan 7 21:52:53 UTC 2010


thanks to Wes Morgan and Martin Wilke there is something for you to
test which approximates what's going to become our next mplayer in the
ports tree.

Due to the vast number of changes between the last official release of
mplayer and the current svn version and the significant changes we did
to the port, I am almost certain you will stumble upon regressions.
Furthermore, because of the large number of possible OPTIONS and
combinations thereof, it might or might not even build for you.
Over the next weeks I aim to stabilise the build process on different
configurations and reduce the regressions that users might encounter
when we finally commit this to the ports tree. I trust that you report
problems that you run into on the mailing list and - if possible -
please please send patches to me that solve a particular regression
for you.

To the topic: On
you can get a small tarball. It contains three items: The ports for
mplayer and mencoder. Both are drop-in replacements for the respective
directories in ${PORTSDIR}/multimedia
This should work without further changes (at least it does on my amd64
test machine). NOTE that ONLY if you want to test it with x264 (only
available for mencoder, mplayer uses ffmpeg's internal h264 decoder
now.), you HAVE to apply the supplied x264 patch to

Thank you in advance and good luck

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