updates to pending new ports

Klaus T. Aehlig aehlig at linta.de
Thu Jan 7 09:01:41 UTC 2010


Recently, I submitted PR ports/141674 suggesting a port for the uzbl
web browser. Given the current holiday season, I'm not surprised that
it is still unassigned. On the other hand, upstream has developped
further, and I wonder if I'm right in submitting updated versions of
this port as followups to the PR. (My thoughts went along the lines 
"If it's still unassigned, then probably no committer has spent any 
time on it; so when it gets assigned to a commiter, (s)he might as well
look at a port for the latest version".) Or should I consider the
fact that the PR is unassigned as a sign that this port is
probably not interesting for FreeBSD?

[Since I'm using that browser on my private machine, I'm updating
the port anyway, so it's no extra work for me to submit follow
ups. I'm just wondering whether this is what I'm supposed to do,
or just considered annoying.]

Best regards and happy new year!


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