UIDs question

Jason jhelfman at e-e.com
Wed Jan 6 21:13:12 UTC 2010


I am new to building ports, however I have started to get the hang of

I am not building any ports that I intend on submitting to FreeBSD, yet,
however maybe that isn't too far off :)

I've used a guide I found to create a local ports repository that is working
out wonderfully with the existing ports tree under /usr/ports

My tree is under /usr/ports/local, and I found a way to integrate a local
UIDs and GIDs file, by setting this variable in my Makefile:


When I go to install my port it installs the user as expected, however it
fails on the ${INSTALL_PROGRAM} function. I understand this is just using
"install" with the appropriate flags. Obviously, the port doesn't install.

If I run it again, the user is already on the system, and the port installs

I was wondering if there is a way to have the port install the user using
the native USERS or GROUPS directives in the do-install phase with the
INSTALL macros, or if there is a more suggested, or conventional, way of
doing this operation.

Thanks in advance!

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