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Erwin Lansing erwin at
Tue Jan 5 23:27:49 UTC 2010

On Tue, Jan 05, 2010 at 01:58:57PM -0800, Doug Barton wrote:
> Martin Cracauer wrote:
> > It's time to bite the bullet.  My 1.3 GHz Pentium-M Notebook just
> > can't keep up with the port building.  I need OpenOffice and stuff and
> > the party is really over at that point.  I need something with binary
> > packages.
> > 
> > Do I understand that correctly if I run 8.0 release I get to have
> > prebuilt binaries as recognized by portupgrade?
> Well, 8-release or 8-stable should both be fine for this purpose, for
> most packages, with portupgrade or portmaster. My understanding is
> that we've given up trying to produce packages for openoffice on all
> branches.
I'm sorry to say this, Doug, because I know you mean well, but this is
not the first time you act as a spokeman for things you have no
knowledge about and, again, get things wrong.  Please stick to things
you do know.

Openoffice builds are attempted at all supported branches and platforms
on each and every run.  Unfortunately, they quite often fail due to
several reasons, ranging from the code being quite large and
complicated, and therefore very fragile, to too small hardware on some
of the cluster nodes.  The unfortunate end-result is therefore that
finished packages are very sporadicaly available and the dedicated
project mentioned in another reply in this thread is probably a better
source, but we do use a large amount of resources to get those packages
out there and have certainly not given up.


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