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Sun Jan 3 08:54:38 UTC 2010

Whilst attempting to compile a program I wrote, it suddenly occurred to
me that using anything in the Ada.Numerics package causes the compiler
to emit code that depends on the math/lapack port (the stuff in the GNAT
runtime is basically just a binding to lapack).

This creates a further problem as installing the math/lapack port requires
a Fortran compiler and that means one of the other GCC ports will be compiled
as a dependency...

To clarify this confusing situation: The lang/gnat-gcc44 port needs to
be able to compile one of it's own (sometimes) runtime dependencies.

I'm happy to enable the C++ and gfortran backends in the lang/gnat-gcc44
port but I suspect it'll be necessary to update either math/lapack
or in order to allow the lang/gnat-gcc44 port to compile
math/lapack. I do regular builds on 7.2 i386/amd64 and 8.0 i386/amd64
with "ada,c,c++,fortran" so I'm confident there won't be any serious
problems with the port itself.

Perhaps somebody with a clue could tell me what the right way to handle
this mess is.


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