Update of cad/gmsh port

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at missouri.edu
Sat Jan 2 03:50:21 UTC 2010

Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
> I have attempted to update the gmsh port to version 2.4.2.  This is 
> quite a large change, because gmsh has changed from using configure to 
> cmake.
> I'll submit the port in due course, but since this is the first port I 
> have ever updated using cmake, I thought I would ask for comments first.
> In particular, I had to hack quite a bit to make NOPORTDOCS be respected.
> You can find the updated port at 
> http://www.math.missouri.edu/~stephen/gmsh.tar.gz
> Pedro: the binaries mshsort and dxf2geo no longer seem to be built.  I 
> hope that these weren't something special you needed.
> Thierry: I haven't yet tested the WITH-OCC option yet.  I am still 
> waiting for opencascade to finish building.
> Stephen

Instead, please look for the port at 
http://www.math.missouri.edu/~stephen/gmsh and get the latest version. 
I think the WITH_OCC option works now.

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