Help setting up ports tinderbox?

David Wolfskill david at
Fri Jan 1 03:36:36 UTC 2010

I was recently informed that a port that I maintain (astro/gpsman) has
been updated.

As I started going through the steps to update the port, I see that the
Porter's Handbook section on "Testing the port" now apears to (fairly
strongly) encourage the use of ports tinderbox.

So I figured I'd give it a try, though I wasn't especially keen on
adding Yet Another Port to the 881 ports I already had installed on the
laptop, especially since I update all installed ports that appear to
have updates every day (as well as tracking stable/6, stable/7,
stable/8, and head every day -- the laptop tends to be busy).

The process added 12 more ports (mostly mysql- and php5-related, as well
as tinderbox itself).

After modifying the Apache config per the pkg-message, then directing a
Web browser to <http://localhost/tb/>, I at least get a page that reads
"Index of /tb" and which lists the content of

I guessed that this action was supposed to actually cause creation of a
page with which I would have an opportunity to interact, so I started
poking around; in /usr/local/tinderbox/scripts, I found a README file,
so I started reading it.

So it seems that most of the initial steps listed are handled by the
port installation (e.g., directory-creation for ${pb}{,/scripts};
extraction of the Tinderbox distribution into ${pb}/scripts).

The 3rd step reads:

| 3. Run tc to setup configuration files and initialize the Tinderbox database:
| # cd ${pb}/scripts && ./tc Setup
|    If you are going to be using the web front-end, edit webui/inc_ds.php.dist
|    for your database setup.  Then copy this file to inc_ds.php.
|    If your Tinderbox host does not have administrative access to the database
|    server, you must perform the next few steps by hand.  Else, skip to step 7.

So I tried that:

g1-119(6.4-S)[39] cd /usr/local/tinderbox/scripts/
g1-119(6.4-S)[40] id
uid=1001(david) gid=1001(david) groups=1001(david),0(wheel),20(staff),68(dialer),69(network),1004(cvsupin)
g1-119(6.4-S)[41] sudo ./tc Setup
realpath: error: no suitable JavaVMs found
.: Can't open /scripts/lib/ No such file or directory

OK; color me perplexed.

Hmmm... the mention of realpath provides a possible source of
confusion (at best): in my environment, /usr/local is a symlink to
/common/local (for each of the 4 /usr file systems I have on the
laptop, depending on which slice gets booted).

I'm fairly certain I have at least one JavaVM installed -- for example,
one of the ports I have installed is airport-2.0.1_3, which is a Java-
based configurator for the Apple Airport (as I have & use one).  And that
program works.

Where do I go from here?


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