make install error VALID_CATEGOIES

Wesley Shields wxs at
Sun Feb 28 15:29:07 UTC 2010

On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 04:04:04PM +0100, Piotrek wrote:
> Hi
> Recently when i try to instal anything from ports, i get this error
> (for rg. when i try to install smplayer):
> sng# make install
> -wq: not found
> smplayer-0.6.8_1: Makefile error: category multimedia not in list of
> valid categories. *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/ports/multimedia/smplayer.
> sng# 
> looks like this:
> VALID_CATEGORIES+= accessibility afterstep arabic archivers astro audio
> \ benchmarks biology cad chinese comms converters databases \
> deskutils devel docs dns editors elisp emulators finance french ftp \
> games geography german gnome gnustep graphics hamradio haskell hebrew
> hungarian \ ipv6 irc japanese java kde kld korean lang linux lisp \
> mail math mbone misc multimedia net net-im net-mgmt net-p2p news \
> palm parallel pear perl5 plan9 polish portuguese ports-mgmt \
> print python ruby rubygems russian \
> scheme science security shells spanish sysutils \
> tcl textproc tk \
> ukrainian vietnamese windowmaker www \
> x11 x11-clocks x11-drivers x11-fm x11-fonts x11-servers x11-themes \
> x11-toolkits x11-wm xfce zope
> So i see that multimedia categry is on the list, i tryed to
> delete /var/db/portsnap and /usr/ports and then execute portsnap fetch
> extract, but i still get this error, any clue what is going on?

It looks like you have ${GREP} defined in your environment. It also
looks like it is set to "".

wxs at ack git % printenv | grep GREP
wxs at ack git % make
-wq: not found
git-1.7.0: Makefile error: category devel not in list of valid categories.
*** Error code 1

-- WXS

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