MySQL 5.1.43 will build failed if enable "--with-ndb-docs" in Makfile's CONFIGURE_ARGS

James Chang james.technew at
Thu Feb 25 04:38:00 UTC 2010

Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your kindly notice.
I found this configure args from mysql 5.1.43 source tarball.
I have this problem(question) because I'm trying to build
MySQL ndb cluster envrionment.

   Are there any special issues in FreeBSD, so cannot use
the --with-ndb-docs args come from source code tarball?

Best Regards!

   James Chang

2010/2/24 Alex Dupre <ale at>:
> James Chang ha scritto:
>>      I found MySQL 5.1.43 in FreeBSD ports tree will build failed when
>> enable "--with-ndb-docs" in Makfile's CONFIGURE_ARGS.
> And where have you found that you can manually modify the configure args
> of a port and expect it will work?
> --
> Alex Dupre

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