lang/gcc44 Inconsistant package list. Leftover files.

Gerald Pfeifer gerald at
Sun Feb 21 19:01:53 UTC 2010

On Fri, 19 Feb 2010, jhell wrote:
> Below my .sig is what I found upon removal of the old version of gcc44 
> 0126 before re-building 0209.
> Is there a chance to get this fixed ?
> Not sure exactly whats causing this so I did not look further into it.

Looking at the specific error message, it seems your installation was
(or is) in a very interesting state.

Whenever I make an update to the lang/gcc44 port or any of it's peers, 
doing a full installation into a virgin directory followed by a dein- 
stallation, as per the Porters' Handbook at 
and lang/gcc44 passes this without any problems, let alone the kind of 
problems you are seeing.  Also the FreeBSD Ports Cluster continously
builds this port (among all the others) and has not reported anything
that looks like this.

>From all I can tell, this is not an issue with the port.  I did try to
reproduce, but could not.  Still, thanks for the report, and if you can
provide instructions on how to reproduce, I'll of course look into it


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