qt33 plist errors

Philip M. Gollucci pgollucci at p6m7g8.com
Tue Feb 16 05:52:09 UTC 2010


See near the bottom, any else get this ?

===>  Building package for qt-3.3.8_11
tar: include/qnp.h: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
tar: lib/libqnp.prl: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.
pkg_create: make_dist: tar command failed with code 256
Creating package /tmp/packages/All/qt-3.3.8_11.tbz
Registering depends: nas-1.9.1_3 cups-client-1.4.2_4 gnutls-2.8.3 
libgcrypt-1.4.4 libgpg-error-1.7 gettext-0.17_1 libiconv-1.13.1_1 
libXinerama-1.0.3,1 libXi-1.2.1,1 libXaw-1.0.5_1,1 libXp-1.0.0,1 
libXpm-3.5.7 libXmu-1.0.4,1 libGLU-7.4.4 libGL-7.4.4 libXxf86vm-1.0.2 
libXext-1.0.5,1 libXft-2.1.14 libXrender-0.9.4_1 libXt-1.0.5_1 
libXdamage-1.1.1 libXfixes-4.0.3_1 libX11-1.2.1_1,1 libxcb-1.5 
libdrm-2.4.12 libpthread-stubs-0.3_3 libXdmcp-1.0.2_1 libXau-1.0.4 
libSM-1.1.0_1,1 libICE-1.0.4_1,1 xproto-7.0.15 fontconfig-2.8.0,1 
freetype2-2.3.11 pkg-config-0.23_1 libmng-1.0.10_2 jpeg-8 lcms-1.19_1,1 
png-1.2.42 expat-2.0.1_1 damageproto-1.1.0_2 dri2proto-2.1 
fixesproto-4.0 inputproto-1.5.0 kbproto-1.0.3 printproto-1.0.4 
renderproto-0.9.3 xextproto-7.0.5 xf86vidmodeproto-2.2.2 
Registering conflicts: linguist-0.* qt-2.* qt-3.0.* qt-3.1.* qt-3.2.* 
qt-designer-2.* xfmail-1.5.[0-5] xfmail-1.5.5_[1-2] qt-copy-[0-9]*.
Creating bzip'd tar ball in '/tmp/packages/All/qt-3.3.8_11.tbz'
*** Error code 1

Stop in /a/ports/x11-toolkits/qt33.
Deleting qt-3.3.8_11
pkg_delete: file '/usr/local/include/qnp.h' doesn't exist
pkg_delete: file '/usr/local/lib/libqnp.prl' doesn't exist
pkg_delete: unable to completely remove directory 
pkg_delete: unable to completely remove directory '/usr/local/share/doc/qt'
pkg_delete: couldn't entirely delete package (perhaps the packing list is
incorrectly specified?)

1024D/DB9B8C1C B90B FBC3 A3A1 C71A 8E70  3F8C 75B8 8FFB DB9B 8C1C
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