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Mon Feb 15 13:57:54 UTC 2010

Peter Jeremy wrote:
>On 2010-Feb-12 21:58:38 -0800, Rob Farmer <rfarmer at> wrote:
>>In there is:
>>.   if ${_USE_GCC} != 3.4
>>CFLAGS+=               -Wl,-rpath=${PREFIX}/lib/${_GCC_BUILD_DEPENDS}
>>LDFLAGS+=              -Wl,-rpath=${PREFIX}/lib/${_GCC_BUILD_DEPENDS}
>>.   endif
>Actually, these directives need to be embedded inside the ports
>gcc's, not in  The current situation means that
>anything other than the base gcc is broken for anything except
>building ports (and may still misbehave if gmake is used) unless
>something like the above is explicitly added to the command line.
>See ports/142226:

Normally, such an rpath directive would automatically be issued, but
our lang/gcc4* ports have this default feature disabled unless
WITHOUT_JAVA is defined, citing an old PR related to gcj and it's

.if ! defined(WITHOUT_JAVA)
# FIXME: we are currently getting weird build failures with libjava on
# some 4.x and 5.x systems, which the following works around. PR 81788.

Someone should investigate, to see if this problem still exists.  If
it doesn't, then we could restore the default behavior, and remove the
corresponding statements from


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